Riadh Sidaoui: terrorists want to reign through terror

The terrorist operation targeting a young shepherd in Mghila is part of the terror exercised by terrorists on defenseless civilians, says Tunisian political scientist Riadh Sidaoui.

To heighten the terror, the terrorists resorted to bloodthirsty methods in carrying out their crimes. In addition, he indicated that terrorists cannot go long without committing heinous crimes especially since they cannot always attack the National Army which has defeated them several times. “The terrorists want to reign through terror over the inhabitants of isolated areas,” he said.

Questioned on the possibility of arming the inhabitants of isolated mountain areas so that they can defend themselves against terrorists, the political scientist said that the arming of civilians remains a very delicate subject. Referring to the Algerian experience, Riadh Sidaoui said that during the dark decades, the Algerian authorities resorted to arming civilians living in isolated areas. “But this arming is not done blindly with every armed person being checked and investigated before they get their weapon,” he said.

Continuing in the same logic, he recalled that Algeria resorted to arming civilians when the massacres and carnage reached an unbearable level. “The principle is that civilians defend themselves while the army arrives to their aid,” he said.

Is it applicable in Tunisia? The specialist rejects the application of this method in Tunisia and for good reason: “Despite the existence of a number of terrorist victims in Tunisia, the army is in control. This measure is not imposed on us, “he argues.

It should be noted that a number of young residents in Mghila (Governorate of Sidi Bouzid) have claimed the right to bear arms to fight against the terrorists holed up in the neighboring mountains. Last I heard, a group of terrorists kidnapped a young shepherd Khalifa Soltani on Friday. On Saturday June 13 his body was found.

By Hamza Marzouk

Posted on 06/05/2017 at 11:18 AM

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